Summer Camp 2023

June 5th – July 21st 2023


06/05 Summer Camp: Week 1 : FUN & Games of Don Jitsu Ryu Basics

06/12 Summer Camp Week 2 : Way of the Warriors 1 (Weapons of DJR)

Contact Us Now Call or  txt ‘Summer Camp info’ to 561-307-2516

06/19 Summer Camp Week 3 : Water World 1

7/10 Summer Camp Week 5 : Water World 2

06/26 Summer Camp Week 4 : Healthy Body, Healthy Mind & Lionize July 1st – 5th: Dojo Closed in Obeservance of Independence Day 

7/17 Summer Camp Week 6 : Karate Super Summer Camp Combo



Our passion is to provide the best Martial Arts Summer Camps experience ever…

Thank you for considering our Purple Dragon Tequesta Martial Arts Summer Camp.

Ages 4 and up. Booster Seats for Tiny Warriors are welcomed.

Our 2024 Camps will be reasonably priced and include all activity fees at $300/Wk, $75/day, $200 for five 1/2 Day 


Our 2023  Camp Fees are $260/wk, $65/day, $175/for 5 1/2 days and will be due 1 week before camp begins. 

Additional 10% OFF for Multiple weeks and/or Siblings

Time: 9-4pm Early Drop off upon request no extra charge. Only 7 Full-time Campers are accepted per week. Unlimed 1/2 Day Campers welcomed 8.45am-12.15 pm


What to bring: Lunch, Water bottle and snacks, Camp Purple Dragon Tee $35, Sneakers, change of clothes, Beach gear, Karate Uniform & Gear

 Sample Daily Schedule:

9 am-10 art/math/writing/puzzles/craft

10-11.30 Don Jitsu Ryu Daily training 

11.30-12.30 Lunch Time and Prepare for daily outdoor activity.

12.30-3pm Outdoor Activity includes a treat.( bring hats and your favorite sunscreen)

3-4pm Return to dojo indoor game or movie



Monday: The Games of Respect, 3 Playgrounds workout
Tuesday: The Games of Discipline, Tequesta Library practice Silence
Wednesday: The Basics of Karate & Jiu Jitsu. indoor Games
Thursday : Hike at JD State Park, Early outdoor Training
Friday: The Discipline of Respect and Martial Arts Basics.



Summer Camp Week 1: Way ofsDon Jits

u Ryu, Sparring and Basics

Summer Camp : Week 2 Way of the Warriors 1

Monday:Bo Staff Warrior & JD PARK Training

Tuesday: Nunchaku Warrior & Beach day

Wednesday: Samurai Sword Day 1 , Japanese Brush Painting

Thursday:Jiu Jitsu Day, Movie & Park

Friday: Samurai Sword Day 2: Bushido


SUMMER CAMP WEEK 3 : Water World 1(The Discipline of Water)

Monday:Healing Style of Don Jitsu Ryu and Patience, Dubois Park

Tuesday: Mastering the Flow, Movie Day

Wednesday: Fishing Trip

Thursday: Smoothie and Veggie Day. Drink 1/2 gallon of Water Challenge

Friday: Sail Fish Splash Water Park




SUMMER CAMP WEEK 4 : Develop a Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Monday: Our Food From Farm to Supermarket indoor & Outdoor Adventure

Tuesday: Art Projects & Gallery visits

Wednesday: Karate Soccer & Movie

Thursday: Outdoor beach Cooking With Shihan Albert

Friday: Hobe Sound Nature Center, Fishing & Beach


SUMMER CAMP WEEK 5 : Way of the Warriors Super Combo Weapons Camp

Monday: Bo Staff Day 1, Fishing

Tuesday: Bo Staff Day 2, Visit Mounts Botanical Gardens

Wednesday: Movie & Samurai Sword Day

Thursday: Nunchaku Day, Loggerhead visit

Friday: Friday:Make a Karate Movie & Barbecue @ Dubois Park Beach




Super Water World COMBO

Monday: KATA & Bo Staff, Hike Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Tuesday: Nunchaku & Hobe Sound Nature Center Beach Fishing trip

Wednesday: Sparring Class & Riverbend Park Treasure Hunt

Thursday: Samurai Training Day, Loggerhead Park Visit & Juno Beach

Friday:Sailfin Splash Water Park