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You can now make payments online for your convenience!

*Registration is required to make online payments. Your Member Solutions (MSI) account number is required for registration. If you do not know your MSI account number, please contact Member Solutions Customer Service or see any Black Belt in the Front Office for assistance.

We are pleased to announce that Purple Dragon Tequesta uses Member Solutions to manage the billing of our membership accounts.

All of our current membership forms have been provided to Member Solutions for entry along with record payments you have made to date.

If you currently pay your membership fee automatically by Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) or by credit card, Member Solutions will assist to process that method of payment. Please be aware of the following notations on your credit card and bank statements to reflect Member Solutions activity.

  • Bank Statements: 888-277-4408 Member Fees
  • Credit Card Statements: 888-277-4408 Member Fees

If you are not setup to make your membership payments by credit card of EFT, then please let us know which method you prefer and we'll help you complete the request. Please direct any account questions to the Member Solutions Customer Service Team at 1-888-277-4408.

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