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    Upcoming Events 2017

    Dojo Class Calendar

    Please Scroll Down to see Upcoming Karate Dojo Events for 2017


    JUNE 2017

    Karate Summer Camp 2017  click here to register

    June 5-9th Summer Camp: Week 1 : Way of Discipline and Basics

    June 12-16th Summer Camp Week 2 : Way of the Warriors 1

    June 19-23rd Summer Camp Week 3 : Water World 1
    JULY 2017 
    July 10-14th 2017 SUMMER CAMP WEEK 4 World 2

    July 17th-21st SUMMER CAMP WEEK 5 Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
    July 24th-28th: SUMMER CAMP WEEK 6 Way of the Warriors 2
    AUGUST 2017
    August 3-8th TEAM TO ATTEND State Championships WASHINGTON DC capital Classics..No CAMP
    August 9-11 3 DAY KARATE KAMP Water World 2 
    OCTOBER 2017
    OCTOBER 30 : Dojo halloween party 5.30pm-7pm
    November 2017
    Tuesday, Nov. 22nd we will be having  the following morning classes only.
    10-11 (Kata)
    11-12 (Self-Defence)
    12-1p.m. (sparring)
    Thursday, Nov. 23rd the dojo will close in observance of Thanksgiving.  Come out and join or support "Team Purple Dragon" at the annual "Run for the Pies" in Tequesta.
    Saturday, Nov. 25th the dojo  will be open for the 9-10 a.m. class.  Stop by our Purple Dragon booth for Tequesta Fest located in Paradise Park.
    December 2017
    Friday Dec. 1st please feel free to drop your kids off for a "Parents Night Out".  Only 20 dollars for the first child.  We will be enjoying board games and a movie.  Refreshments will be provided.
    Sunday, Dec. 10th please join us in Jupiter for the annual JTAA Holiday Parade from 11-3 p.m..   Parents wear your Dragon shirt and march with us!
    Theme: The 12 Days of Christmas
    Saturday Dec. 16th will be the Brown and Black belt dinner.
    Saturday, Dec 23rd 10am-12pm  Dojo Christmas Party, gift exchange and
    concert. Prepare to be amazed at the talent in our dojo. If you sing,
    dance, act or play a musical instrument, sign up to perform. No class that day
    Merry Christmas Everyone
    Dec. 28th and 29th the dojo will be hosting a day camp featuring Nidan Michael Andrews.  Please sign up early as spaces are limited. $75.00 
    Instructor & Team Member Meeting Jan 4th 5.30pm
    Dojo Re-opens on Jan 5th 2018 for Regular classes. 




    Grading Package Prices: Beginners $175 Yellow and Up $185.00

    Package includes: Belt Testing, Seminar, new belt & Dinner



    Karate Summer Camp 2016 BLOCK 1 click here to register

    June 6-10th Summer Camp: Week 1 : Way of Discipline and Basics

    June 13-17th Summer Camp Week 2 : Way of the Warriors 1

    June 20-24 NO SUMMER CAMP THIS WEEK We will be attending a tournament in Mardid, Spain. Go Team USA

    Block 1: Early Registration 10% OFF till May 1st 2016

    Summer Camp: Week 1 Way of Discipline and Basics

    June 6
    The Games of Respect, Playgrounds workout
    June 7
    The Games of Discipline, Tequesta Library practise Silence
    June 8
              The Basics of Karate & Jiu Jitsu. INDOOR Soccer Game 
    June 9
    Hike at JD State Park, Early out door Training
    June 10
    The Discipline of Respect and Martial Arts Basics.

    Summer Camp : Week 2 Way of the Warriors 1

    June 13
    Bo Staff Warrior & JD PARK Training
    June 14
    Nunchaku Warrior & Beach day
    June 15
    Samurai Sword Day 1 , Japanese Brush Painting Art & Craft 
    June 16
    Jiu Jitsu Day,  Movie & Park
    June 17
    Samurai Sword Day 2: Bushido 


    Karate Summer Camp BLOCK 2.

    July 11-15th 2016 Way and DIscipline of Water
    July 18th-22nd Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
    July 25th-29th: Way of the Warriors 2
    August 1st-5th Water World 2016
    Please reserve your spot asap.

    Block 2: Early Registration 10 % off Till 7/1/2016)


    SUMMER CAMP WEEK 3 : The Way and Discipline of Water

    July 11th 
    Tai Chi and Patience, Dubois Park
    July 12th
    Kung Fu, Movie Day
    July 13th
    Fishing Trip
    June 14th 
    Smoothie and Veggie Day. Drink 1 gallon of Water Challenge
    June 15th
    SailFish Splash

    SUMMER CAMP WEEK 4 : Develop a Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

    July 18
    From Farm to Supermarket Outdoor Adventure
    July 19
    Art Project & Gallery visit
    July 20
    Karate Soccer & Movie
    July 21
    Roger Deen Baseball Game TBC
    July 22
    Hobe Sound Nature Centre


    SUMMER CAMP WEEK 5 : Weapons of the Purple Dragon System

    July 25
    Bo Staff Day, Fishing
    July 26
    Bo Staff Day 2, Mount Botanical Gardens
    July 27
    Movie & Samurai Sword Day
    July 28
    Nunchaku Day, Loggerhead vist
    July 29
    Pool Party Day,

    SUMMER CAMP WEEK 6 : Water Worlds 

    August 1
    Hike Jonathan Dickinson State Park
    August 2
    Marine Fishing trip
    August 3
    Pool Party day
    August 4
    Loggerhead Park
    August 5
    Sparring Class at the Dojo


     In November: Limestone Creek Karate Class members will try to earn a gold star for completing their first Routine and Bunkai.

    Nov 4th : Karate Day Kamp $45 9-5pm Weapons of the Martial Arts. Early drop off is available.

    Nov 8th : Outdoor Beach training. Carlin Park Beach. all you need is gi and water. 9.00 am please meet on the Beach.

    Nov 11th : Karate Day KAmp $45 9-5pm Sail fish Splash.

    Nov 14 Parents Night out $20 6-9pm

    Nov 22nd Parent Appreciation Day. A gentle family karate/ Self Defense work out Come and practise for the whole family. Flowers for mom.

    Nov 24-26 Karate Day Camp.

    Nov 27-28th Dojo Closed in Observance of Thanksgiving Day. We Reopen on the Sat 29th for regular class.

    Dec 5th -7th Shihan will be attending Black Belt Grading in Trinidad.

    Dec 14 1:00pm JTAA Holiday Parade & Demos. SIgn up to Participate with us.

    Dec 20th 10am-12pm  Dojo Hannukh Christmas Party, gift exchange and
    concert. Prepare to be amazed at the talent in our dojo. If you sing,
    dance, act or play a musical instrument, sign up to perform. No class that day

    Jan 2 Friday 9am - 6pm $49.99 Shihan Albert's Annual Winter training camp 2015. You must be an orange belt or higher to attend. Yellow belts may apply and will be accepted if there is space. 10 Students only. Camp focuses on Martial Arts Ettiquette, Dress and Personal Care. Training includes sparring and self Defense. WHat to bring, Gi, Belt, Gears, Dress Shirt, tie and Pants, Sock and shoes. $5 Cash in a wallet. Partici[ants will be required to Iron Clothes, Gi, Fold Clothes, Tie their neck ties. Practise and execute table manners and ettiquette at lunch.





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